Armstrong Siddeley 14hp

Chassis # 24210 | Engine # 19187 | Registration # PP7959

Armstrong Siddeley ‘Four-14’ sales listing V1


To prove that the then new Armstrong Siddeley ‘Four-14’ was really in production, Mr. J. D. Siddeley manufactured a fleet of them for a demonstration to the media in the Cotswolds following a press-lunch at Warwick in July 1923.


He must have been very convincing. The 14hp went on to be a considerable success for the company, with over 13,000 sold up to 1929. But there are very few survivors to be found amongst members of the Vintage Sports-Car Club or elsewhere now. Yet these rare cars can be acquired for quite modest prices compared to prices asked for more vintage makes like Rolls-Royce, Lanchester and Sunbeam.


This makes ‘PP7959' – a 14.4hp 'Four-14' all the more appealing. It was the firm's first four-cylinder model and worthy of carrying the marque's distinctive ‘Sphinx’ badge. The overhead-valve engine displaces 1,852cc and drives the wheels via a single dry-plate clutch, in-unit three-speed gearbox and spiral bevel axle.


In a departure from previous Armstrong Siddeley practice, this 14.4-h.p featured a ‘flat-fronted radiator’ and still retains the special disc wheels with 760 by 90 tyres.   With a wheelbase of 9 ft. 3 inches and a track of 4 ft. 8 inches, the top speed was advertised at just over 50 m.p.h. and was capable of accelerating from 10 to 30 m.p.h. in about 10.5 seconds.


Now for sale, this 1926 Four-14 represents a perfect opportunity to own a charismatic pre-war tourer. In fine shape, having benefitted from an interior re-trim, new carpets, wet weather gear, and also a complete repaint, ‘PP7959' is gem of a car.  With a fascinating ownership history, it comes with documented paperwork showing some of the car’s provenance and obvious care and maintenance over the years.


In a charismatic twist, F. C. Woodbridge – who had been Armstrong Siddeley’s Assistant Manager of the Cricklewood Service Department – migrated with several Armstrong Siddeley employees to Durban in South Africa to open official service centres. Consistent with this, PP7959 also migrated and spent some of its life in South Africa’s benign, warm climate in the 1960’s.


This delightful car forms part of an important and well-known private collection and can be viewed within 48 hours of request.

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