About Us

Tom Hardman 


Tom Hardman, the Founder and Managing Director, has been a pioneering force in the vintage car industry since the inception of Tom Hardman Limited in 2010. THL has redefined the historic car landscape, merging the grandeur of pre-war automobiles with cutting-edge marketing strategies.


His approach is more than just sales; it's about narrating the unique story of each vehicle and revolutionizing how these automotive treasures are marketed. Tom's profound knowledge of the pre-war era, combined with his extensive network of connections in the motorsport world, positions him as a leader in the industry.


He doesn't just understand the technical aspects of these vehicles; he embodies the sheer passion that drives every collector and enthusiast. For Tom, this isn't merely a business – it's the expression of a lifelong dedication to the art of racing and the preservation of automotive history.


Helen Hardman 



Through insight, energy and entrepreneurial vision, Helen has been instrumental in propelling THL to the forefront of the historic and collector car world. Helen's commitment to the shared vision of THL is evident in every aspect of the business, and her focus is always to promote the individual customer experience. Beyond her professional role, Helen's passion for vintage automobiles extends to nurturing this love in their children, cultivating a new generation of enthusiasts. Her efforts are not just shaping THL's present but are also securing its future, weaving the fabric of family, passion, and heritage into the very essence of the company.


Taylor Walsh 

Business Manager


Joining the team at THL in 2023, Taylor has brought a fresh and dynamic approach to the company. With a rich background in business strategy and marketing, honed with global leaders including Ferrari and PGA Professional Golfers, Taylor is ideally poised to blend the timeless allure of historic automobiles as well as the more contemporary aspect of the collector car business.


His strategic vision and meticulous attention to detail are invaluable. Taylor manages THL on a day-to-day basis, as well as running the workshop diary and developing the now thriving storage centre.  Taylor's role at THL is pivotal in ensuring our clients experience the finest levels of enjoyment, that collector car ownership has to offer.