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Tom Hardman 



Tom Hardman’s initiation into vintage cars was never in doubt. His lifetime fascination for historic cars were fuelled in part by his father’s stories of meeting W.O. Bentley whilst at his grandparents during the summer holidays. And again as Tom spent his formative years in the back of the family 1926 Humber 12/25 owned since 1968.


“In my family, driving and curating desirable historics has always been quintessential. I never had any choice in the matter. It’s a baptism in leather and Castrol R that brings continuity to my existence.” says Tom.



Like many before him, he built and campaigned his own Austin 7 Special. He soon gained a reputation for his dedication and determination to extract an impressive turn of speed. Tom’s grasp of detail and knowledge of both the cars and personalities from the pre-war automotive movement has been a factor in him being highly regarded in the art of matching buyers and sellers of historic cars, which endures to this day.


A long succession of historic cars led to him owning a 1929 Frazer Nash Super Sport sourced from Andrew Smith. The subsequent sale of that Nash helped fund both a marriage and the birth, Tom Hardman Limited in 2010.


The transition from vintage car enthusiast to broker of significant historic cars was as natural as it was pre-ordained. “Just before I married Helen in 2009, I was invited to handle the successful sale of a Brescia Bugatti. That deal was a catalyst for even more important vintage cars being bought and sold across the globe.”


Helen Hardman 


Taylor Walsh 

Business Manager