Alvis TL 12/60 Beetleback

Car Number 14579

Chassis Number9675

Engine Number 10121

First Registered Belfast 29th June 1932

The Pre-war car world has numerous well known and respected individuals, such that even just the mention of their name generates an expectation of the vehicle involved. To that end, I’m delighted to offer this 1932 12/60 TL Beetleback by Carbodies from the Hepworth collection.

The factory records confirm car number 14579 remains matching numbers, dispatched to Hanna of Belfast, who registered CZ 277’s first owner being R Baird C/o Belfast Telegraph. At that time the car was finished in black with green leather and wheels. Today, she presents in fastidious condition, helped by our vendor's tenure. This wasn’t always the case having been acquired in four boxes by her fifth owner in 1990; a lengthy restoration began in 2001, which was finally completed during the autumn of 2009. The sixth owner took custodianship in 2012, soon engaging services of the well-respected engineer Keith Taylor, who completed a fresh engine rebuild installing a replacement cylinder head in the process.

Today Without exception, CZ 277. must be one of, if not, the finest example of the much sought after Alvis 12/60 TL.

The seventh custodian and our vendor, Peter Hepworth, took delivery in 2013. Peter Hepworth is a world-renowned engineering business owner and car collector, and to clarify for the couple of people in the world who aren’t well acquainted with his name, a car in his collection has to be ‘correct’ to the smallest element.  An example of this fine detailing is the 1932 dated RAC badge, which adorns the front apron of CZ 277.  

During the 2013 purchase process, Peter Hepworth noted a number of outstanding works required to meet his exacting standards. He embraced his latest edition to his collection investing a further £34,000, to get CZ 277 just right, these areas of improvement include:

  • Rebuilt radiator.
  • Re chromed radiator.
  • Windscreen wind deflectors.
  • New Hood.
  • Re-paint.
  • New lightweight alloy clutch housing.
  • Increased compression ratio to approx 7:1.
  • Cylinder head converted to 14mm long reach plugs
  • New half-shafts.
  • Overhauled Carburettors.
  • New brake linings.
  • New Stainless exhaust silencer and tail pipe.
  • Electric fan

During Peter Hepworth's tenure he and CZ 277, have enjoyed over 10,000 miles of delightful road trips across the UK and Europe. I hasten to add that I feel you would be hard-pressed to find a 12/60 Beetleback to equal CZ 277, especially with the sought after “close up” mudguards.

In the 24th March 1931, edition of “Motor”, Alvis placed an advert depicting a design of the TK 12/60 Beetleback with “close up” mudguards. This modern design took inspiration from the Alvis FWD 12/50.  I’m informed that due to manufacturing costs, these wings never made production. “Close up” wings did finally make an appearance with the final TL production run, approximately sixteen cars were produced like this.  It is thought that only four such examples survive today, of which CZ 277 is one.

We have had the pleasure of offering numerous Alvis 12/60 Beetlebacks over the years and they remain a favourite of ours as well as Alvis and VSCC enthusiasts alike. Viewing is by appointment only (but given the exceptional quality presented, only if you really feel you must). Delivery can be arranged worldwide.  

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