Alvis 12/50 SD

Car number 11831 | Chassis number 6976 | Engine number 7409

This is a fine original bodied tourer, still retaining its short-stroke engine and having recently undergone a great deal of both mechanical and cosmetic work, all of which makes it a delight to drive and see.

The chassis was sent new to Australia where it was purchased by the main Alvis agent in Sydney—Biden and Roberts Ltd. In fact, Arthur Biden retained the car for himself and ordered his local coachbuilder to make a body very similar to the narrow tourer body fitted to a number of long-stroke Alvis 12/50 chassis’ in the UK at that time. As far as is known, this is the only SD chassis to carry this style of coachwork as original. The car is mentioned on page 386 of “The Vintage Alvis” by Hull and Johnson.

Hightone Restorations Ltd carried out chassis work and fitted an overdrive unit in 2017 and within the last 18 months, the body has been stripped to bare metal and repainted in dark green. The interior has been reupholstered in green leather with Wilton carpets, and there is a new hood and tonneau cover.

The original short stroke (1496cc) engine has been completely rebuilt by John Taylor in Derby and has been fitted with a new Pheonix crankshaft, new con-rods, new pistons, camshaft and timing gears and an Alvis Register lightweight clutch housing. The car still has its Big Port head and large carburettor.

This 12/50 provides a unique and highly desirable combination—an SD chassis and an original narrow tourer body. Additionally, it is in fine condition and is lovely to drive.

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