Tojeiro Bristol

Chassis # 401-1207 | Engine #100B3056 | Registration KOU406


John Tojeiro, engineer and chassis builder, is the lesser-known but equally significant contributor to one of the most iconic cars of all time – the AC Ace and latterly the Shelby Cobra.


The AC Ace Chassis was designed John Tojeiro, who was at the time, a man who produced individual chassis’ to order – one of which being the extraordinary Tojeiro Bristol; LOY500.


LOY500 was commissioned by London car dealer Cliff Davis, to compliment his existing unique Tojeiro-built car with 1500cc MG engine; JOY500. The chassis of LOY500 was paired with the more powerful 2 litre Bristol engine and it became the Tojeiro Bristol. The car was highly successful and immediately attracted attention. AC took the design and paired it with their own engine, producing the AC Ace.


With LOY500 winning races so frequently Rolls Brothers approached Cliff Davis and made him an offer for the car. However, a subsequent road accident left LOY500 badly damaged.


Replacement parts were ordered from John T and the car repaired. The original, and damaged chassis of LOY500 reputedly remained with the car.


A while later LOY500 was reacquired by Cliff Davis, from Geoffrey Marsh of Marsh Plant. In an article by Auto Enthusiast in March 1972 there is a photograph of the original LOY500 chassis leaning up against a tree at the Marsh Plant business premises, accompanied by a set of axles and springs.


Davis retained LOY500 but apparently proceeded to sell the damaged chassis and parts to a Mr John Baker in 1982. The collection comprised of chassis, dismantled engine and gearbox (unknown origin), suspension and brakes along with a set of Turner alloy wheels shod with 1950’s Continental 500/15 racing tyres, and a radiator of interesting design.  According to our sources, it was this Tojeiro Bristol ‘kit’ became the car that we now offer for sale; KOU406.


John Baker started the build immediately, but funds limited the success of his venture. However, as part of this process Baker invited Tojeiro to inspect the chassis – and it was confirmed that this was a true ‘Tojeiro’ chassis - although at the time Tojeiro couldn’t remember which one!


Sold with an unfinished short-tail body in 1987/8 to Mr Kevin Webb and Mr Barry Salmon, the car was ultimately brought to completion circa 1992. All the suspension parts and brakes were reconditioned and serviced at this time, and new leaf spring and a new wiring system with correct instruments installed.


Our client and current vendor acquired the KOU406 in 2015. Together with Steve Stanton then spent a couple of seasons developing and racing the car both in chassis and engine, building one of his most powerful Bristol engines to date at 186bhp. The car has been enjoyed by the pair at many competitive events with Motor Racing Legends Woodcote trophy as well as AMOC, doing very well in class, and also at Silverstone Classic.


Now offered for sale somewhat reluctantly, this highly unique car presents a rare opportunity to own a competitive drive, and compelling piece of motorsport history.


£195,000 ono, part exchange considered. 


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