Sunbeam Super Sports


Chassis # 4009F | Engine # 4024E | First Registered 19th April 1926


Sunbeam 3 Litre Super Sports “Twin Cam” YN9798 chassis number 4009F left the Wolverhampton factory in 1926. First registered in London 19th April that same year. Our client discovered the remains of 4009F in London with his good friend John Warburton during the early 1980’s.


Being a professional mechanical engineer, he was amply qualified to undertake the restoration in its entirety, prior to purchase he had the thought of acquiring a 3 litre Bentley but the more complex engineering of the Sunbeam ‘Twin Cam’, a more alluring, and rewarding prospect.  


During the engine rebuild a new Mike Collis block was used, after nearly 100 years it is known the original blocks have period design issues resulting in cracking, so a worthwhile and necessary upgrade.  


The body was in remarkably good condition considering she had stood for some time, localised repairs to the original ash frame undertaken, when it came to re-skinning lighter aluminium panel the only choice.


The first trip once the total restoration had been completed, was a real family adventure. Back to the ‘Twin cams’ spiritual home, Le Mans in 1985, where she was reunited with other ‘twin cams’, one only two chassis numbers apart.       


A 4.5:1 axle ratio ensures comfortable cruising. (Sunbeams published a top speed of over 90mph). Weather protection is provided. The car is in excellent working order.


In the owner's words


YN9798 has proved to be very reliable, providing our family with countless adventures both in the UK and on the Continent.


It has given us exhilarating motoring, in summer and winter conditions, attending very many VSCC and STD Register events. Additionally, and because of the historic connection between the Three-litre and the Le Mans 24hr race, this car’s first journey following its total restoration was to Le Mans for the 1985 race where it met up with its sister car of just two chassis numbers earlier. Since then it has returned to Le Mans for the race at 10-year intervals.  Further, most recently it was one of six Three-litre Sunbeams which took part in last year’s Centenary of the 1922 Isle of Man TT race (won by Sunbeam with their 8-cylinder Grand Prix car). 


1950 Geoff Hughes with YN9798. He subsequently became the Sunbeam Register’s treasurer.

Twin Cam History


The 3-litre Super Sports model was designed to race in the 1925 Le Mans      24hr event, its main challenge being the 3-litre Bentleys which it succeeded in beating, finishing in second place to a larger French car at a speed of 55.9mph.   Our car is one of fewer than 40 surviving world-wide, from a production of perhaps 315 chassis while the engine is, in fact, one of the twenty five units required for the Sunbeam Works to qualify for homologation for the 1925 Le Mans race. 


The car has a six-cylinder twin overhead valve engine designed by Sunbeam’s Land Speed Record and Grand Prix engine designer, Vincenzo Bertarione. This engine has dry sump lubrication. Carburation is by twin Claudel-Hobson carburettors with barrel throttles. Ignition is supplied courtesy of a BTH magneto.




Also included with the car is an extensive collection of spares, much supporting literature including a Works handbook in excellent condition, parts list (copy), handbook (copy), history files and a Receipts file. 

There are some original Works tools, given to the vendor during the car’s restoration period by one of Sunbeam’s retired employees who had worked in the Company’s Experimental Department .”



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