Sunbeam Coupe de l'Auto

Chassis # 4250 | Engine # 535012 | Registration BF6067

The 1912 French GP around the 47 mile long Dieppe Circuit ran with two classes. Firstly the full-bore Grand Prix cars limited only by a minimum width of 1750mm, alongside the Coupe de L’Auto entrants with there maximum 3 litre engine capacity. The Grand Prix attracted 47 starters, being run over 2 days, each entrant having to complete 10 laps of the Dieppe circuit.

Of the 47 starters, only 14 finished. Three of which were Sunbeams, taking the top three spots in the Coupe de L’Auto handicap and finishing 3rd, 4th and 5th overall. The Sunbeam team was made up of two Frenchmen, Victor Rigal and Emile Medinger along with Dario Resta from England, a fourth Sunbeam retired following engine problems.

The execution of this Sunbeam Coupe De L’Auto replica undertaken by Mick Sharpe of Western Coachworks Limited, was completed in 2012 in time to celebrate the centenary of Sunbeams 1912 Dieppe GP victory. Mick’s fine eye and attention to detail are evident on every aspect of the cars aesthetics and period detailing. But during the built Mike did make subtle changes to the original design allowing for a more comfortable cockpit.

In 2015 our client and vendor was fortunate to acquire BF6067 from Mick. The vendor has used BF6067 extensively touring across Europe with the “Lost Boys” 5 times, sadly the 6th edition being cancelled in 2020 for obvious reasons. The car is extremely tractable and easy to drive in traffic helped by the installation of a modern diaphragm clutch. Other useful editions are modern starter motor and prop-shaft with UJ’s. The original parts remain available to return to original as part of the sale. Since 2015 BF6067 has been spanner checked and maintained by Clive Press during this ownership.   

“With sweet 16 its time to live on the FS Edge”

In addition to the aforementioned road tours, BF6067 has competed in 2 VSCC Edwardian races, along with an invitation from the Duke of Richmond and Gordon to compete in the headline FS Edge Trophy at Goodwood. It was at this event where I consigned her during the recent Speedweek where she wore number 16. This same number was worn in 1912 by one of the original team cars. In this final event with her current custodian BF6067 was driven by the son of the vendor who was aware that she was destined to our showroom soon after and he respected this knowledge and brought her home safe and well.

BF6067 is a thrilling and exhilarating driving experience. As listed above she is invited and welcomed at some of the worlds finest historic motoring events offering an Edwardian grid, which will always be the highlight of the weekend's competition. BF6067 will provide some of the best lifelong memories both travelling to and competing in amazing events like 2021 Race Des Ramparts D’Angouleme or 2022 Vintage Revival Montlhery, what more is there to be said.

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