MG PB Supercharged

Chassis Number PB0660 | Engine Number 888APB/2 | Declared manufacturer 1935

Dear Peter, I have been thinking about our chat last week regarding Chassis number PB0660 along with the other components you have. As I would like to build another fairly quick road car…..” An extract of an email between Peter Green and our client written in 2004 and some 16 years later the car is just finished and ready for running in and enjoying by a new owner.

Abingdon Factory Records confirm chassis PB0660 was one of eight PB chassis built on the 18th December 1935, today she stands in our showroom, in as good a condition as you would have collected her as the first owner, from your trusted MG dealer. The aforementioned records also confirm PB0660 was supplied 2 seater coachwork when new, finished in red paint with red interior and aluminium wheels. Today she ticks the same options except with a black interior, somewhat sportier coachwork and supercharger.

Since the purchase of the initial components in 2004 it’s fair to say that not every single year saw progress on the build. The chassis was refurbished by the vendor with the assistance of specialist where required. The engine rebuild was entrusted to Ken Robinson, he also made the essential modifications to the Volumex supercharge and utilised modern crank and rods during the rebuild, the cam and pistons, sourced from Baynton Jones.

The aforementioned Volumex supercharger sits between the dumb irons and is crank driven, at engine speed. Transmission sees lightened flywheels, modern diaphragm clutch, P-type gearbox with new close ratios gears fitted, obviously, rear axle also rebuilt with a new CWP ratio 5.28:1. The Coachwork is all lightweight aluminium Q type style body was completed by Alan Floyd, complimented by a turned aluminium dashboard with all the switched and Jaeger gauges an MG owner enjoys. Alan also made the fuel tanks and other ancillary parts, including the supercharger cowl. The electrics have been installed with cotton braided cable, featuring a useful reversing light and electric fan when waiting on the grid on a summers day. . There is a whole file of invoices which accompany the car from Barry Walker, Sports and Vintage as well as from Ken Robinson etc, all backed up by accompanying invoices and build files.

PB0660 makes for a great road car and is a hoot to drive as all MG’s are, with looks for even generation x stop and admire if your hopping for a bit of competition and the weekend with the VSCC or Triple M register. The wings and lights are easily dismountable.  


In summary, what’s stopping you, life’s for living.  

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