MG PB Monoposto


Chassis # PB0291

This 1935 MG PB0291 re-imagined as Doreen Evens Q Type replica, was mostly constructed by Jones & Son of Newcastle Staffordshire for Mike Jones’s retirement and completed in 2006. The rolling chassis remains of PN0291 had been with the Jones family since 1947 according to correspondence on file. Mike was a good friend of Peter Gregory, the pair of them were involved in the faithful reconstruction which was completed in 2006. Transmission is a ENV75 Pre-select gearbox, the original block bored out to give displacement of 970cc, crank driven Volumex Supercharger single SU carburetor. Brakes are single circuit hydraulics.

Sadly, Mike passed away shortly after completing the project and the car was then offered for sale by his widow, Mrs Jones, at around £80,000.


Our client purchased in 2017, the car was sent away for initial recommissioning, as it still had shake-down issues, eventually ending up with Ricketts automotive engineering 12 months later, who found various problems. The engine stripped block and head pressure tested and then re-built, and all issues rectified.


The vendor is the first to admit he’s ‘no racer’ and expects the car to perform very well in more skillful hands. As such it is time to see this attractive single seater find a new home.


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