MG PA Supercharged

Registration # US8752 | Chassis # PA1698 | Engine # 1960AP original block available


Over the last few years, US8752 has seen significant mechanical recommissioning. Meaning her unrestored preservation class beauty is only skin deep!


This is the second time I have had the privilege in offering US8752 for sale, and today she is as good as she was in 2020. On that occasion, she was fresh from a significant no expense spared mechanical restoration, completed by KV Engineering of Norfolk (Andrew Kirby).



It was essential to the 2020 vendor that the cosmetic condition remained untouched, assuming all was deemed sound. As I have witnessed time and time again it's all to easy to be sucked into an over-restoration. The first job was to removed the body from the chassis and inspected it, Andrew, deemed the body frame to be sound. Next, the chassis was stripped and inspected; all safety aspects were crack tested. Most items were found cracked, these items were replaced including, stub axles and steering components, along with the chassis knuckles which were cracked in two places!


Below is an itemised list of works undertaken to ensure the mechanical reliability and safety of US8752 for many miles to come, all done whitest preserving the outward appearance.


  • Brand new engine block and head
  • Phoenix crank and rods
  • New forged Cosworth pistons
  • Bayton Jones Cam
  • Recorded radiator
  • New exhaust system
  • Chassis straightened and aligned
  • New brake components
  • New road springs
  • Steering fully refreshed
  • New stub axles
  • New wiring loom including indicators
  • Dynamo by Dynamo Doctor to match the boost




US8752 Story

The custodianship timeline of US8752 started in the fashionable part of Glasgow in November 1934 by William Meadow of St Andrew Drive Finished in red with red leather and silver wheels. Next was George Wishart also of Glasgow. At the outbreak of war, George volunteered for the Navy, officer training. George had a very active war, being aboard several vassals which were hit at one time or another. Sadly, after one too many close encounters, his time was up, hit by U344 in August 1944 with the loss of all 217 souls.


US8752 then passed to George’s sister Nancy who had married George’s lifelong friend Graham Dixon in 1943. Graham’s war was spent on land in Europe, fighting on the front line where he was badly shot in October 1944 and on death's door for numerous weeks, whilst fighting in The Netherlands. He eventually recovered less one leg, US8752 re-configured then enjoyed with hand controls.


The next known custodian being John knight, then Dr. Foister who worked at Birmingham hospital before being sold to Nigel Reilly, from 1964-2003 (39 years) while at university he enjoyed racing and hill-climbing US8752 along with lands end trail in 1972. Nigel fitted the Centric 160 supercharger (which was a factory option) along with J2 cycle wings and paint still present. 2003 Mike Pancheri, between overseas work trips US8752 continued life of motorsport until the spring start of 2013 whereupon he sold the car to a Mr Critchley who commissioned the works mentioned above.  




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