Gwynne 10

1927 Gwynne 10, the dealer plate located on the dashboard confirms this London built car was sold new in Melbourne Australia by Barlow Motors where she remained until being purchased in 1988 by the late John Warburton, remaining in his collection until his death earlier this year. John was very fond of his Gwynne and covered many miles and adventurers with his partner Julie.

The Gwynne 10 is powered by a 1274cc side-valve four-cylinder, the transmission is via a 3-speed gearbox. When John took delivery in 1988 there were several jobs required. From cosmetics to mechanicals.

The body was re-painted in maroon, along with a new hood and interior. For the mechanical side, there was only one man for the job, the late Barry Parkinson, an old school engineer of Lancastrian Bugatti and Bentley fame, (a hero of your author, when growing up). Over time my understanding, is Barry re-engineered part of the bottom end, oiling system, today the car has excellent oil pressure. A very presentable car which will I’m sure will give many years of motoring enjoyment to the next custodian.                 

The sole surviving Gwynne 10

This is the sole surviving Gwynne 10, John knew it was important to obtain spares when available with a total of 600 Gwynne 10 built there should be plenty to go at! A spare engine block and head come with the car. The story regarding the sourcing of the spare head is rather amusing. John saw the head advertised and rang up to obtain it, on speaking to the seller, he informed him that he had the only Gwynne 10 in the world and felt the seller should give it to him without the exchange of money for two reasons, as no one else in the world would need or want it, and finally, he (John) wasn’t prepared to pay for it. I guess the seller agreed to these terms.

Following the well-published passing of John at the start of 2020 we are honored that the family has chosen to place his entire collection with Tom Hardman Limited, Company founder Thomas (as I was known to John), had the pleasure of been penned by John twice, firstly in the VSCC bulletin about the birth of the Austin 7 B&Q special in 2001, and again in the Automobile Magazine in the Marketplace feature a few years after forming Tom Hardman Limited.     

Viewing is by appointment only at our Foxfield's showroom a place John personally enjoyed visiting, with its mature tree-lined private estate roads along with open views across the rolling hills of the Ribble Valley famed for the setting of JRR Tolkien's trilogy written in 1937 whitest guests at Stonyhurst College.


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