Frazer Nash

Model: Falcon | Chassis # 2012 | Engine # 9537 

Only twelve chain-drive Frazer Nash cars were originally made with Meadows engines before the end of the Vintage period in December 1930. HX 2437 is one of the twelve! This makes the car particularly desirable to owners who like cars that can compete in the “vintage” class and which are correct and unmodified in respect of their engine.

The Meadows engine fitted in this car is fitted with a Pheonix crank and rods and has just recently had new pistons, a new Simon Blakeney-Edwards camshaft and has a four-port cylinder head, all of which gives the car excellent performance, whether stripped down for the track, or complete wearing its hood for fast road and rally use.

The very last vintage Frazer nash built

The black body is very strong and the dark red leather interior is in fine condition. All the chrome work is lovely and the aforementioned hood is in excellent condition.


The car behaves beautifully on the road, with excellent steering and brakes—altogether, a very fine Nash!

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