Citroen 15 light

Influential press of the day were almost gushing of their praise of the Citroën Light 15. "In second gear the car will climb anything, and climb it fast. The Citroën cruises very comfortably, and most safely, between 60 and 70 m.p.h. The faster it is driven the more it shows its qualities of exceptional road adhesion, and stability on corners. It is a most comfortable car.”

The Traction Avant, (‘front wheel drive') is a masterpiece from the pens of André Lefèbvre and Flaminio Bertoni in late 1933. With typical Citroën flair, it boasted a welded unitary body/chassis, whilst most other cars of the era were constructed on a separate chassis onto which 'coachwork' was built. Not everyone endorsed this method of construction, so a ‘crash test’ was conceived by driving the car off a cliff.

‘PSY 125’, is a beautiful 1949 Slough-built car, having happily avoided such stringent destruction testing, and is testimony to its great inherent resilience.

The novel design of this car never fails to please even now. With a relatively low-slung stance relative to its contemporaries, it remains very comfortable to enter and exit with grace and style.


Like many of its owners over the years, the Traction Avant was always distinctive throughout its reign between 1934 and 1955. The suspension was very advanced for the car's era; “the riding comfort of this front-wheel-drive car is exceptionally good on really rough and stony roads,” the media reported.


The front wheels are independently sprung via a torsion bar and wishbone suspension arrangement and it is considerably lighter than conventional designs of the era.


This Citroën Traction Avant was factory fitted with 12-volt Lucas electrics, headlights, dynamo and starter. The interior benefits from an exquisite walnut dashboard complete with original Jaeger instruments. The interior has likely been refreshed at some point, and presents in as new condition with tan seating and door panels and a complimentary wool headlining. The correct exterior was fitted with United Kingdom bumpers and over-riders and a chrome grille, with the evocative Citroën chevrons mounted behind.  Being an original right-hand drive it is a stunning way to make progress along British black-top in 2021.


Finished in well-presented burgundy over black, this car wants for nothing, having rested in an important car collection for many years. This is an opportunity to purchase a part of Anglo-French motoring history

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