Brasier "Voiture De Course".

Chassis #TBC | Engine #10383 | Registration #BS9790

It’s 1904, and Leon Thery’s Automobile Club de France entered Richard-Brasier trounces the Mercedes 60’s, Turcat-Mery’s and Fiat’s in the Coupé Internationale/Gordon Bennett Trophy. It causes a sensation in France.

Back to the future – and over the last week or two – I’ve had a privileged glimpse into Leon’s epic race experience, having driven 30 miles in this 1908 Brasier Voiture De Course.


I am delighted to offer this impressive recreation of one of the three original 1904 and 1905 Gordon Bennett Trophy cars. It is the very closest and rarest iteration of that illustrious racing Brasier for sale today.

Every great love starts with a great story, and so it is with this car.  The full story is to be told in one of my blogs, but for now, you need to know that the inspiration for this car is well-known enthusiast Mike Holt.


In 2003 Holt located a substantial – though incomplete – cache of the remains of a 1908 50hp Brasier in Hunter Valley, Australia. This included the original chassis of the passenger car, steering box, front axle, steering wheel, gear and brake levers, cross shafts and pedals and other minor parts. In Switzerland, a suitable chain-drive gearbox/transaxle was sourced.


An original radiator – complete with its prized enamel badge – and a suitable rear beam axle manufactured by the Le Moine foundry ­– as supplied to Automobiles Brasier – was found in France. All that was missing was a suitable engine.

The original 90 hp engine was 11 ¼-litres with four cylinders. None of those have survived. As Brasier was one of the companies contracted to manufacture Hispano Suiza aero engines, Holt found a 11.7-litre 220 hp V8 version from a WW1 Spad fighter plane and had it fitted it to this epic motor-car.


He commissioned Oliver Way­ – one of the finest restorers in England – to construct the car to Mike’s exacting research. The construction of the rolling, driving chassis was scaled to get the proportions just right and took two years to complete. It was then sent over to Mick Sharpe, who re-created the period-correct body-work to a high standard.

The engine was later fully re-built by Steve White. More recently Mike New has re-engineered many items including the fitting of Ross pistons. The transaxle was also rebuilt in 2018.


The gearbox was treated to new bearings and gears by Oliver in 2006. Currently geared for around 105 mph, it will run onto an eye-watering 140mph with a set of longer cogs. Just hang on tight.

This well-known Brasier is about as authentic as you’ll find, with oodles of provenance. It has been comprehensively campaigned at the Le centenaire du Grand Prix de France at Lemans, the SF Edge Trophy at Goodwood and was due to compete at last year’s Circuit des Remparts – Angoulême.  It has also toured at a much more relaxed pace all throughout Europe, just for fun.


Get in touch to know more about this incredible car. Or even better, come up and experience the car yourself.

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