Bentley 3 Litre

A very usable WO Bentley, ideal for serious eventing

£300,000 ono



Leaving the Cricklewood gates in June 1924 chassis number 665 was dispatched to VDP for a four-seat sport coach work numbered 1050, registered ND7102 in September of that same year. The first custodians were the Brenninkmeyer family of the C&A fashion label.  Soon after the family sold the car to Mr D Simon, who had the body replaced with a 2-seater sporting body. 


In 1938, the car was sold to the Horton Brothers of Exeter, who were avid Bentley enthusiasts with numerous cars. Having worked on ND, installing the parts listed below the Horton Brothers sold later that same year.


Mr D Simon, proudly aboard ND7102


In 2015 our client purchased from Stanley Mann Racing, a 3 litre red label with VDP style coachwork. Since purchase, our client and car have competed on many long-distance rallies and toured throughout Europe, making many happy memories. This Bentley has been maintained to the highest standards by a marque specialist working exclusively for him full-time. Most recent works are listed in the final section.     

Recent mechanical history


In 2017, two years after purchase our client was gently driving along in France, when number 3 sainted rod failed, slicing open the original #665 crankcase and block. The car was returned to Stanley Mann Racing for the following engine repairs and upgrades to be undertaken, with the damaged parts retained with it for continuity. (As shown below)


These rods were fitted in 1984, when acquired by Mr Walter Tierling, who had the original 3-litre engine rebuilt, installing Phoenix crank,  sintered con rods. Let these images be a warning when comparing this car, with its fully rebuilt and upgraded engine, to another... 



Stanley Mann's repair work was extensive, as our client wanted the ultimate endurance Bentley to go rallying. 


  • Bentley Drivers Club crankcase casting
  • New block from NDR rated to 4 ½+.
  • New Phoenix counterbalanced crank, rods.
  • Bentley Driver Club pistons, valves, guides and camshaft.
  • The clutch was converted to modern diaphragm type by Tim Abbott utilizing the original fly wheel.
  • A Tim Payne overdrive.
  • Rebuilt radiator to ensure maximum cooling efficiency of the uprated engine.


After the untimely death of Stanley Mann, one of Stanley’s former employees came to work directly for our client to maintain his private car collection.  As an experienced RR aeronautical engineer and Vintage Bentley mechanic, Ralph Wycherley has spent many hours in the production of a WO of high reliability and performance. Works completed include;


  • New 4 ½ litre water pump.
  • SU HD6 carburettors
  • 4 ½ litre exhaust manifold    
  • 2020 rear axle rebuild, including a new stronger four-star differential, along with new 3.33CWP installed in front and rear diff housing.
  • 8 litre ½ shafts,
  • New shock absorbersAlternator
  • LED lighting and indicators
  • Side or rear-mounted spare wheel brackets
  • Rebuilt 4 ½ litre Magnetos


This is not a car for the concours lawn, however, if you are in the market for a WO Bentley and your plan is to use the car for serious long-distance touring and rallying then ND is perfect. Extensively prepared for immediate use. She will cruise all day in the fast lane across Europe and look great in front of any prestigious hotel before driving home again.    


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