Austin Healey 100M FIA Papers

1954 Austin Healey BN1 fitted with “Le Mans” kit from first registration, a true Donald Healey Motor Company Cape Garage car. Updated with BN2 four-speed gearbox with overdrive. "New FIA Papers"

1954 Austin Healey Le Mans, a true Donald Healey Motor Company Cape Garage car. The Le Mans additions were fitted prior to delivery to her first owner when new. The Healey Factory build records certified by the BMIHT, confirm that the car was built on the 29th March 1954 before being dispatched to Donald Healey Motor Company Warwick (DHMCW) “Cape Garage”. The regional records office also confirms that OWD726 was registered on the 30th April 1954 one of ten Le Mans registered by DHMCW that month.

Officially, the Le Mans or 100M didn’t achieve factory production until the updated BN2 model of August 1955. It is, however, well documented, that Le Mans 100M cars had been available in the earlier guise of the BN1, when purchased via DHMCW. The Le Mans 100M brought upgrades like louvered bonnet, high lift cam, cold air box and 100M front grill badge… making it a truly capable 100mph car!

OWD726 has lived a fairly sheltered life, judging from its 29169 miles odometer reading, which is backed up by historic MOT’s certificates starting in 1980, recording only 16601 miles. OWD726 was never used in competition, unlike many of her BN1 Cape Garage stablemates of the time, but undoubtedly, she would be at home on the track in the hands of a new custodian, as well as continuing to perform on the open road in style.

Soon as the Austin-Healey 100 had gone on sale, its maker was developing faster version the "Le Mans" 100M was born.

In 2012 OWD726 changed hands and was subjected to a bare metal re-spray; the new paint scheme was a step away from the original factory-built spec which was black paint and red interior. During this time the engine was also treated to hardened valve seats with new valves etc, the original three-speed gearbox also substituted for a later BN2 four-speed with overdrive as this new owner vision of ownership was to compete in long-distance endurance events like the MM.

The car has been in our storage facility in recent times and prior to placing on the market today we have just installed a Denis Welsh electronic ignition system etc. The car is good to go and ready to enjoy this new decade of motoring.


New issue FIA (HTP) along with FIVA papers come with the car, so it’s time to get behind the wheel of this desirable BN1 Le Mans, with low ownership and mileage. .  

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