Austin 7 Chummy

Registration # FJ4663 | Chassis # A3 

The iconic Austin 7 Chummy, is endearingly beautiful in its ‘oily-rag’ condition. FJ4663 was first registered on the 4th of January 1927, chassis number A3-8229. Early ownership is largely unrecorded however a continuation logbook is present starting in 1946. In 1962 by a Mr John Dunn of Devon, Mr Dunn owned and enjoyed the car for 53 years, finally selling her to our vendor in 2015. There is a photo in the file dated 1963 with a very youthful John at the wheel and his Grandmother in the back, the running boards were already non-original!

Our vendor purchased FJ4663 in 2015 with the intention of VSCC trails, this characterful little car a good steed for such events. Initially on roads around home, FJ4663 was the favoured chariot, recently FJ4663 has had little use. So affectionally, our vendor feels it's right to allow the car to move on to new pastures.

In mechanical terms the vendor's permanent mechanic has given FJ4663 a full check over before sending the car to me, the car seems to be in working order. Showing good oil pressure on the gauge – Ettore Bugatti! FJ4663 has also had a later and desirable RN rear axle fitted a must for trails. The electrics updated the 12 volts from the original 6volts.

There is a full complement of side screens, the hood outer hasn’t been located so presume not included, so make sure you have a good quality coat, preferably freshly waxed!

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