Amilcar C4
1925 Amilcar C4 2/3 seater, engine dating from 1922.  

This delightful Petit Sports Amilcar first arrived in the UK in the late 1980s, after being purchased from France by its first UK custodian. At some point in history this C4 had been converted from a delivery type truck by the addition of an unattractive slopped back.

Once in the UK the car was largely unused in the specification in which it had arrived until it changed hand the Mike Tebbett in 2007, it is he who confirmed that when he bought the car that the vendor confirmed that the engine had been re-built and other works complete including re-wire, there are no invoices in the file to confirm either way. The existing coachwork was swiftly removed and dispatched to master panel beater Keith Hill. Keith was commissioned to produce the stylish 2/3 seater body to the design you could have had when ordering your car. This body style provides ample room for the tallest of drivers. Along with useable storage in the tail where the third seat has been omitted for practicality reasons.

The results speak for themselves, a car which is attractive from every angle, one could say the perfect light car, with a strong 1003cc engine. The two-wheel brakes aren’t to be frightened of, as they're probably more efficient than those found on a certain British built car of 747cc.

The Amilcar register confirms that the installed C4 engine dates from 1922 so possibly be one of the earliest examples in the UK (nice talking point for the pub chat). This pre-dates that of the chassis number which falls in the 1925 build year.

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