Alvis 12/60 TK Beetle back

Chassis #8944 | Engine #9491 | Registration #VC8957

The is no hiding the fact I like an Alvis 12/60 Carbodies Beetle back. So much so in fact, that I couldn’t resist this gem, and I bought her as my pre-war daily drive during summer 2021. As you well know mostly I sell on consignment; but this Alvis was a treat I couldn’t resist. 

Importantly for me, and many others, VC8957 is in excellent condition but better still is she is right and proper as we say in the part of the world. Importantly the body is the original, as are the rest of the mechanics– the phrase here is matching numbers from my dealer handbook! During the autumn I sent her to our trimmer to replace the vinyl interior with which had been installed some 50 years earlier. I know this was an extravagance, but one VC8957 deserved as she ended her 90th year, and she now has lovely new oxblood leather seats including the dicky, the front finished with high-quality carpet, the back left as a more utilitarian affair for washing out.

Registered 4th July 1931 with the Coventry number VC8957, the history file covers the past owners. The relevant history picks up in 1983, with Mike Mansergh acquiring VC8957 from Plus 4 Motors of Stockport. Mike then undertaking a multi-year restoration – stripping the car back to its bare chassis. A 2009 Cumbria Life magazine article which is in the history file quotes Mansergh, stating that VC8957 had been previously poorly maintained – and with him being a perfectionist – he took five years to get it ‘just right.’ These five years of conscientious graft paid off, as the car is still in fine condition all these years later.

With the trimming completed and a coat of polish, all that was left was for VC8957 was fresh oil and filter, so she is ready to explore and have adventures with her next custodian. She comes complete with full wet weather gear, and new double duck tonneau, so nothing should hold you back. Please feel free to get in touch to make your appointment to view VC8957. Without question, VC8957 is the best 12/60 Carbodies Beetle back in the present market.

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