Alvis 12/60 TK

Chassis #8944 | Engine #9491 | Registration #VC8957

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In an endearing case of history repeating itself, this is the 11th 12/60 Beetleback with coachwork by Carbodies to have been curated here at Foxfield’s since November 2017.

From that first encounter to this day, I still have feel they are one of the finest pre-war motor cars. This is a car that doesn’t need to shout. Like a simple Longines Aviator, it doesn’t need to be explained. If you know, well, you know.

Each of our previous 10 cars have come imbued with their own individual story – each one has gone on to be enjoyed by their new caretaker family. In fact, most quality 12/60’s remain with families for a long time, which should tell you something about the true value of these cars.


That’s why the provenance of the cars we sell will always act as an umbilical cord of their automotive heritage and is why we place a high value on the authentic (true) stories that build and build around each car we sell.

Registered 4th July 1931 with the Coventry number VC8957, to this day she still retains her matching number status. These, together with fully documented historical data are perfect credentials as she prepares for her 90th birthday.

These five years of conscientious graft have paid off, as the car is still in fine mechanical and cosmetic condition. Before placing VC8957 on the open market we have just had the wheels powder-coated in black, and fitted a set of Blocklay’s which suit the character of the car very well. The Brake linings have been checked for excessive wear and the engine compressions checked as well as being road-tested.


Having studied the current landscape for 12/60 Beatleback by Carbodies, VC8957 is without doubt the best in the present market. Without spot or blemish, it’s also exceptional value. This all causes me to believe this will be a very quick sale for all the right reasons. Come and drive the car or give me a call to hear more.

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