Alvis 12/50 TE "Sports Tourer" by Cross & Ellis

Registration # DD9881 | Engine # 4725 | Car # 9717 | Cross & Ellis Body # 1185

What a delight and honour to be asked to offer this Alvis TE 12/50 with original Cross and Ellis narrow-bodied sports tourer coachwork from 1926. The TE was built on the second iteration of the 12/50 chassis, which moved away from the original and much heavier sub-frame chassis cars, with the engine being mounted directly on the chassis side rails.


DD9881 is one of only 109 TE 12/50’s ordered with the dual cowl Cross and Ellis narrow body sport-tourer coachwork. Of those, only 14 remain of which approximately three have the all-aluminium body.

The build sheet confirms DD9881 was ordered by Capt. David Johnson Mitchel MC of the Kings Own Rifles. Capt. Mitchel specified a polished aluminium body finish, which the car retains today. The body frame is still in excellent condition, complete with the delectable patina that comes with age. 2018 the front seats and door cards were re-upholstered in ‘House of Lords Red’ leather to compliment the rear seats.

The car was acquired some years ago by our client, and over that time she has always been their go-to vintage car. 9,000 miles of lasting memories and stories have been created whilst traveling extensively in the UK and Europe, which have been meticulously recorded. It’s more than up to taming Alpine passes, as well as those long, empty French roads with those silky ribbons of black-top. In the hands of the current owner, this car has won many awards, including the coveted AOC Swiss Trophy and the Sledmere Rally in 2018, and first prize at Newby Hall in the vintage car section.

As you would expect, the file is brimmed with invoices detailing works undertaken by our vendor and previous custodians, all of which have helped secure the future of this TE 12/50 sports tourer for many generations to enjoy.


We know there are many enthusiasts and collectors out there who are seeking a car exactly like this one. We look forward to welcoming you to the vendor’s home to take a look. My closing words on this car are “she’s reassuringly expensive”, but then the best always is.

The 1649cc engine powers the car to a very satisfactory clip. The vendor told us; “she is a dream to drive, the aluminium coachwork and lighter TE chassis mean that she is pretty nippy. She handles very well cruising at 55/60 mph when speed limits allow. The brakes are reassuringly good”


Over those epic miles, she has never so much spluttered. Anyone acquainted with Alvis mechanics will know of the usual timing gear chatter – but not this car – it’s almost Rolls-Royce silent. There’s little more than a sweet, reassuring whisper from the engine at tick-over and that unmistakable exhaust note under load.

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