Alvis 12/40-50 Sports Tourer
Factory records confirm car number 8114 Alvis 12/40 TC model was dispatched to Australia as a chassis only. Chassis number 2814, retaining original crankcase, number 3169 is still present, topped off with a desirable 12/50 engine block/head.

Our vendor acquired the car/project at around 75/80% complete back in 2007. Since then around 10-15% additional progress has been achieved. Completion hampered by continued ill-health. At the start of 2020, the decision has been taken that the final push needs to be completed by another pair of hands. In simple terms, there isn’t a huge amount outstanding. All of which could be completed by competent enthusiast or professional in a matter of weeks.

The coachwork is an accurate copy of a 1924 Sports tourer, ash frame skinned in aluminium, this is painted black over maroon. New mudguards and valances painted black, running boards. Fully trimmed in maroon leather, new hood frame made by Wessex Workshops. A full tonneau cover completes the weather protection.

Once completed you'll have a very desirable family-focused sporting Alvis tourer.   

What we know has been completed, invoices/photos confirm.

  • Chassis has been totally restored, with new shackles, Shackle pins, kingpins and bushes.
  • Rear-axle has new 4.55CWP, along with a full set of bearings.
  • Relined brakes and all new bushes.
  • Gearbox rebuilt with a new set of S ratios new bearings
  • The Crank and flywheel assembly has been fully balanced
  • New rods and pistons rated to 1645cc
  • The block has been sleeved to new pistons.
  • New camshaft followers and guides
  • The bottom end has been white metaled by John Kirkby
  • The cylinder head has new valves spring and guides as well as rocker shaft.
  • Alvis Steering box has had new bearings, worm and wheel.
  • New track rod ends, ball joints and drag link
Still outstanding.
  • Full re-wire, brand new Red triangle loom present
  • Finishing off the windscreen
  • Fitting of the dashboard
  • Purchase and fitting of a prop shaft
  • Final finishing
  • Enjoying on the open road.
  • Coupling of front-wheel brakes
  • Final fit of the bonnet

In short, a huge amount of expenditure has been invested over the years, and a final strong push would see her on the road in just a few weeks. I’m sure the Alvis community would be delighted to see her at Alvis centenary celebrations in Coventry this summer.  

We recommend forming an orderly queue at our showroom door, as this is an unrivalled opportunity to acquire this virtually complete,   very attractive, highly useable Vintage tourer at well below the market value of a 12/50 Sports Tourer.      

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