Born into a family steeped in vintage motoring, his parents dedicated owners and daily users of a Humber, Tom Hardman’s initiation into vintage cars, the Preston District Car Club and the Vintage Sports Car Club was almost mandatory.

Starting like many with an original Austin A7, in this instance a 1928 example, Tom went on to build and campaign his own Austin 7 Special, gaining notoriety for his dedication, determination and the car’s speed impressive turn of speed before ultimately upgrading to a Frazer Nash Super Sport sourced from the Smith stable. Tom’s transition from vintage car enthusiast to business and the brokering of pre-war cars happened by his own definition by chance. Being invited to handle the successful sale of a Brescia Bugatti in 2009 just before his marriage to Helen, Tom was then approached to assist in the sales and brokerage of more vintage cars, his attention to detail, knowledge of both the cars and those involved within the world of pre-war cars appreciated by all those involved. In turn these fortuitous events led on to the establishing of Tom Hardman Limited a mere stone’s throw from the historic Stonyhurst College and the soft rolling countryside of Lancashire’s Hodder Valley.

Located with the environs of Foxfields Farm and part founded by the sale of his beloved Frazer Nash, the residue of the sale forming the basis of Tom’s new family, the Tom Hardman Limited showrooms and gentleman’s club like offices have quickly become a destination for anyone seeking to buy, sell or enquire about their vintage car.

All the while the Hardman spirit continues, his son and daughters now enjoying trips to and from school onboard such refined transportation as a Rolls Royce 20/25 or an Alvis Speed 20 or cheering Dad along at various VSCC track events, Tom still finding time to pilot the formidable and incredibly historic MG Bellevue. For Tom and his family Tom Hardman Limited isn’t just a family business its a way of life he was destined for. And following in his parents tyre tracks, Tom’s own children already immersed in the motoring greats of yesteryear.

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